Website developers are constantly improving them to make it convenient for users to watch content on portals and do it at any time. Recently, it has been proposed to develop not only a desktop and mobile version of the website, but also an application on a smartphone. This is necessary to effectively promote websites and inform visitors through pop-up messages.

Why do you need to convert your website into an app

Mobile users have long been accustomed to downloading and installing them on their devices by visiting Google Play and the AppStore. It doesn't cost them anything to install your app either if it's there. This will increase website traffic, and in addition, the advantage of having a mobile app is as follows:

  • The user will spend more time in the application than on a web resource, because there he moves between tabs and easily loses information.
  • The mobile app has features that are not available on the website, namely push notifications, recurring subscriptions.
  • Most regular customers order goods and services through a mobile application.

How to convert a website quickly and inexpensively

Until recently, not every website owner could afford its mobile version. And today, if you order it for programmers, it will cost you a “good penny”. If you try to convert your website into a mobile app, it will cost you cheap or almost nothing.

Currently, there are free and shareware online resources for converting websites into mobile apps:

  • Tadapp Native. The service assures that it is possible to create a website in 5 minutes, the service is paid.
  • Appmaker. It has a free trial period of 14 days, then the service is paid.
  • It works with WordPress and WooCommerce and has many plugins.
  • Appverter. It offers to develop an inexpensive Android or iOS application from the website, but the price varies depending on the chosen tariff.

Several WordPress plugins have also been developed to convert websites: MobiLoud, AppPresser. These services are only suitable for converting websites on this platform and are not free.

All these services and plugins are suitable for quickly converting simple websites; they cannot be used to get a functional, stable application. If you intend to use your website seriously, it is better to turn to paid services that have expert support.

Our service for converting websites into a mobile app

Our website conversion service into a mobile app is designed to benefit businesses. By contacting us, you will be able to:

  • Check if your website is suitable for converting it into a mobile app, and don't waste time on free resources.
  • Get a free demo of your website's mobile app.
  • Significantly save money on developing an application that costs 10 times more.
  • Create a highly functional, stable app with native features in just 5 days.
  • Convert a website for both the Android platform and iOS OS. At the same time, we use advanced technologies from FaceBook Corporation.
  • Guaranteed to publish your apps on Google Play and AppStore.
  • Receive constant automatic updates to the application, rather than ordering improvements to programmers every time.
  • We will help you convert and set up the mobile app. In case of questions, we are ready to provide you with technical support, we will not leave you alone with the problem.
  • We enter into a formal contract with a guarantee.

By receiving a mobile application using our service, you will be able to significantly save advertising costs, motivate your customers to buy and send them valuable notifications. Try your website's mobile app demo right now!