Converting a website into a mobile app

Accelerate your business by transforming your site into a mobile app in just 5 days with no extra development costs

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Don't miss the trend

Why convert a website into an app?

The mobile application from the website will provide a unique channel for attracting new users and interacting with existing ones.

  • Attract more users

    The app will attract new visitors through publishing and discovery in app stores.

  • Increase the number of orders

    Push reminders help with reorders and holds.

  • Increase brand awareness

    Having a mobile app will increase brand value and user trust.

  • Push notifications
  • Analytics
  • Native modules

Create an app from the website in 5 days

The service for converting websites into the “ConverZilla” mobile application was created to benefit businesses. By contacting us, you will receive:

  • A complete application

    A stable mobile app with native features.

  • Publication Guarantee

    Guaranteed publishing of your app to Google Play and App Store.

How do you create an application from the website

The main stages of creating iOS and Android mobile applications from the website using the ConverZilla conversion service.


Site verification

We are checking the mobile version or adaptation to mobile devices.


Site to app

We transform the website into iOS and Android mobile applications.


Native functions

We integrate additional native elements and functionality.



We create a project on Google Play and App Store, and we are moderated.

Save money on mobile app development

After making an application from the website once, you will not need to apply for improvements every time, because the website is updated automatically in the application.

10x less cost

Creating an app using Converzilla is 10 times cheaper than developing a standalone app.

Readiness within 5 days

Converting a website into a mobile app takes 5 days instead of months of development.

Native functions

Use native device features from website code by adding the required module.

Developing an app from scratch

From 300 hours to develop a project. It is necessary to refine and update.

Converting a website into an app

The cost of creating an app is 10x lower than developing an app. The conversion period is 5 days. Automatic updates.

Personal account

Intuitive interface for managing the application

To manage the mobile application, a personal account with a simple and intuitive interface was developed. It's easy to send push notifications to users of your app from your personal account. And you can add new features without needing to update the app in Google Play and App Store.

Compatible with all CMS

The solution supports all relevant CMS: 1C-Bitrix, WordPress, Joomla! , MODX, Opencart, Drupal, UMI.CMS, NetCat, Tilda Publishing, HostCMS, DIAFAN.CMS, CS-Cart, Shop-Script, DataLife Engine, InSales, Evolution CMS, Moguta.CMS and others.

  • A universal solution for any CMS
  • Automatic updates when the website changes


What people say about us

We are proud that our work makes a good impression and helps improve the lives of our customers.

Alexey S.
Online store owner
I recommend it!
ConverZilla was a real discovery for our business. We were able to transform our site into a mobile app in just 5 days! This has increased our customer base and improved our interaction with customers. I recommend it!
Maria P.
Chief Marketing Officer
Great service!
ConverZilla helped us increase conversions and improve customer engagement. Their intuitive interface and the ability to send push notifications directly from your personal account made our job much easier. Great service!
Ivan I.
Startup owner
Thanks to the ConverZilla team!
With ConverZilla, we were able to save money on mobile app development without losing quality. Our app works flawlessly and we only get positive feedback from our users. Thanks to the ConverZilla team!
Elena K.
The founder of the blog
This is convenient and effective.
I used ConverZilla to create my blog's mobile app and I'm absolutely happy with the result. My readers can now receive notifications about new articles right on their phones. This is convenient and effective. A great service for anyone who wants to expand their audience!

Pay for the app from the website only once

Payment is made once upon completion of the work without a subscription fee, subscriptions and hidden conditions.


350 USD

  • Android app
  • Push notifications
  • Connecting analytics
  • Publish on GooglePlay


660 USD

  • iOS app
  • Android app
  • Push notifications
  • Connecting analytics
  • Publish on the AppStore
  • Publish on GooglePlay


380 USD

  • iOS app
  • Push notifications
  • Connecting analytics
  • Publish on the AppStore

We work under a formal contract, payment for the result

We work under a formal agreement with all legal guarantees without an advance payment, payment is made upon completion of the work.


Any website that has a mobile version or is mobile-friendly is most often suitable, but there are a few things we'll tell you about.
Google and Apple developer accounts are required to publish. You can give us special access so that we can do the work we need.
We guarantee that your app will be published. If there are risks of deviation, we will warn you in advance and show you how to fix it.
The app is updated automatically when changes are made to the website.