Many Android smartphone owners have been receiving new versions of the OS only for the past two years. To make it easier to “upgrade”, Google regularly updates its services by sending out automatic updates using the popular Google Play. Thanks to this, anyone can download both “crisis” bug fixes and planned innovations to their phone at a convenient time. The only problem is that many people don't realize that they are receiving a free update.

Android System WebView

Regularly found in the characteristics of updates to other software, many people saw the WebView application (full name Android System WebView), but few people understand and know what it exactly is.

This is an application that allows web pages to be opened within other applications, i.e. it is not redirected to the browser. From time to time, users complain about problems with its operation. For some, WebView simply does not work, for others it is not updated, and for others it is not available at all.

Problems are caused by various reasons, and in order to solve them, you need to understand at least a little bit about the features of the system components.

Android System WebView is based on Chrome and makes it possible to study web content in Android applications. It is already on devices, the main thing is to remember to update it regularly to maintain performance and security.

WebView on Google Chrome

In 2021, Google built an additional Chrome WebView component into the Android WebView system. It was done so that incoming links to applications began to be opened only through the Chrome widget. This significantly reduced the load on devices and made it easier to carry out all updates. Only users are completely confused about what to do if they have problems.

It's simple. As before, Android System WebView reinstalls all updates on its own. Therefore, if there are interruptions with system components, you just need to update it.

Android WebView update

To update the program, you need to go to Google Play and swipe from the left edge (put your finger on the screen and move it). Apps and Games will open. In this tab, you either need to update everything, or find Android System WebView and activate only its update, or update Chrome completely. The latter option is preferable, because it will reinstall not one application, but all those that need this action.

A lot of people think that updates don't help, but they're not. Google regularly releases patches that fully restore the performance of system components. Therefore, we recommend that all Android smartphone owners monitor updates on Google Play and update their own mobile equipment resources in a timely manner.

A fundamental part of WebView from Android allows other installed applications to show the content of a website that is open in a browser. This feature is provided on most devices, simply forgetting about updating it or not completing it out of ignorance, many lose the opportunity to fully use their gadget.

So remember the Android System WebView name. Don't uninstall the app by accident, and if you see a notification that it's time to update it, do it as soon as possible.