Every company is now striving to present its business on the Internet not only through a website, adapting it to all gadgets, but also to create a mobile application. After all, it provides unique benefits for businesses, which we will discuss in this article.

The advantages of a mobile app compared to a website

Creating a mobile app for your business can improve your marketing reach and provide a unique channel for attracting new customers or interacting with existing ones, as well as providing a personalized approach.

    1. Higher conversion rate

    2. Better personalization

    3. Better communication
    4. More functionality
    5. Offline access
    6. Higher audience engagement
    7. Best brand promotion
    8. Payment optimization
1. Mobile apps have higher conversion rates than websites

We live in a mobile world. There are four billion unique mobile users in the world.

More than 52% of all internet traffic in the world comes from mobile devices. Research shows that mobile apps have a 157% higher conversion rate than mobile internet. This statement is true for all business sectors.

2. Better personalization

Personalization leads to conversions, which is true regardless of whether a consumer purchases in-store, online, or from any device. The mobile application makes it easy to collect additional information about users in real time and allows you to determine:

  • interests;
  • behavior;
  • location;
  • demographics;

With the app, you'll be able to offer users products or services based on their online behavior or purchase history.

Mobile apps make it easy for you because every unique visitor can have a profile with their account settings. You can also use the app to ask your customers directly what they want.

3. Mobile apps make it easier to communicate with customers

Communication is another key element that contributes to conversions.

With the mobile app, you have the freedom and flexibility to connect with users anytime via push notifications. Push notifications far exceed email communication capabilities.

70% of people think push notifications are useful, and 40% of users use push notifications within an hour of receiving them. Push notifications have a 7x higher engagement rate than emails.

The only way to communicate with users via push notifications is through a mobile app.

4. Ability to use mobile device features

Because mobile apps are installed directly on the device, this gives you access to features like:

  • GPS;
  • camera;
  • contact lists;
  • compass;
5. There is offline access

Many mobile apps may require an internet connection to perform certain tasks. However, apps still provide plenty of features when users are offline.

6. Increasing audience engagement and retention

Apps also make it easier to retain customers. With features like a customer loyalty program or referral program, it encourages people to stay active on your app.

7. Best brand promotion

On a mobile website, people only see your brand when they visit your website. How often does this happen? And how long has this been going on? If you're lucky, someone might visit your website once a week and stay for a few minutes per session.

People use their mobile devices every day. They'll see your app, brand name, and logo on their screen all the time. This gives them more incentives to open your app and increase conversions.

8. Payment optimization

Mobile apps are designed for calculations. In many cases, checkout takes place within seconds. You won't get this benefit on the mobile web. The user can simply add an item to the cart and complete the checkout with one click.

All billing and shipping information will already be saved to your account. By reducing clicks during the checkout process, conversions will increase dramatically.

Thus, using a mobile app is a great way to increase conversions. Many businesses are still hesitant to get a mobile app, thinking it's expensive. In fact, this is not the case, now you can convert a website into a mobile application and it is not so expensive at all. We can help you do that.