Apps for smartphones and tablets have become very popular nowadays. Most companies now also have their own mobile applications, through which any user gets access to all services and goods. More and more searches are performed from mobile devices, so Yandex and Google are more actively promoting sites that have a smartphone version. This explains the popularity of mobile first technology. You can also attract additional audience to your company by transferring the interface from the website to the mobile application.

By creating a mobile application for business, you can achieve two goals at once:

  1. Automate all internal business processes.
  2. Improve marketing and increase sales revenue.

The first goal is to create a common system for all employees to exchange working documents, build convenient communication within the business, optimize all work processes and increase their efficiency. These processes have their own peculiarities, for example, when automating the company's work, each employee must install the company's mobile application on their mobile phone, although customers do not need to do this. The second goal requires the development of a mobile application as an additional service in the company's list of online services.

Why create your own application:

  • Finding new customers in app stores.
  • Increasing employee and customer loyalty.
  • Reasonable cost of promoting a company on Yandex.Direct.
  • Website promotion, due to the availability of the service as a mobile application.

By downloading any company's app to their mobile device, customers become more loyal and become more interested in brand news, so it becomes much easier to interact with them.

Why you should create mobile apps

There are many owners of various online companies who still do not feel the need to create their own application. They think that an Internet site that is adapted for use on a smartphone or tablet will be enough for customers. But we must not forget that the first thing a customer does is browse an online store from a phone and only then opens the site from a computer, so the mobile application makes the company's marketing promotion much more effective.

The advantages of developing an application for a smartphone:

  • Increased customer loyalty. Using the mobile application, you can notify users about the company's new products and special offers, which significantly attracts customers to the brand. This allows you to attract new customers and retain old ones, increasing revenue.
  • Promotion tool. Using the app, you can learn more about customers, thereby identifying your target audience. By understanding the user's interests, you can customize ads so that the customer is more likely to purchase the product on offer.
  • More information. The app also allows you to analyze user activity within the company.
  • Communication with customers. You can also add a feature to the app to comment on goods or services, which allows you to collect feedback on the work done. With this activity, you can better promote yourself through social networks and recommendations from other users.
  • High-quality service. Using the restaurant's delivery app, you can place an order for meals that will be delivered to the customer within the next hour. Mobile apps also provide access to other services: booking seats, buying tickets, ordering a taxi.
  • Autonomy. Users can open the app even if they are not currently connected to the Internet.
  • Individuality. A personal account is created for each client, where they enter all their data. This makes it much easier for users to interact within the company.

Therefore, integrating site features into a mobile app has many business benefits. Small businesses that are just trying to develop their business may limit themselves to websites that work from the phone, but for larger companies, developing a mobile application is an important tool for developing and increasing revenue.

It's best if the site is designed in the same color for all devices. But mobile applications require a separate interface so that the client can use the company's services as before. The app's design is much more user-friendly and better suited for mobile devices, because it was created under the same conditions.

In just a few years, smartphones and tablets have significantly expanded their functionality. Various game forms are often used to increase the loyalty of visitors and employees. To effectively attract customers to participate in the company's various promotions, you just need to invest a little in developing simple games or quests in the company's mobile application.

Apps created by our experts

Our platform is already well used when creating applications for various companies. Versatile qualified specialists working in our company create many applications of varying levels of complexity, all of which are functioning properly. Customer-oriented management, multi-stage application structure, high-quality administration — any task can be performed by our company.

To create a mobile application, you will not need to learn programming languages, because you just need to send a link to an existing site. The app will retain all the features of the site, but it will also be able to send notifications to users.

Now you know who to contact to create your own mobile business app that allows you to recruit many new customers and significantly increase your company's revenue.